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Our Projects

While technology and trends are always changing, so the requirements of the business process and end users. We strive to cover most widely used technologies currently in the market. The list below keeps only few of the projects for reference purpose only. If you wish to know more about the projects we have completed then use the contact form or send us an email info at and we will be happy to elaborate further and specific.


Asterisk telecommunications billing

The application communicates with Asterisk server to generate number of incoming and outgoing calls, their duration, prices and generates phone bill. The project was done for a telecomm company based in Canada.

Project Management

Resource Allocation and Time Management

The application is about budgeting, allocating and analysing resources put on any given project. It also has the feature of monitoring time spent by each of the employees on project basis.


A job queue system

The project was created for a client, they needed a flow where customers can request court records about certain lawsuits.


Portal for Students and Institutes

The client needed a website portal and an android app to accompany it with. The portal is about students finding tutors and insitutes for their education needs.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management and POS system

The application has a POS and Inventory Management system with retail and wholesale prices. Generates sales reports, expenses and employee management system.

Appointment and Scheduling

Ticket and Queue System

This is a general purpose ticket and queue system best suited for clinics and other repair services.