The Offsite and Onsite SEO in my chest

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The SEO starts with your very first business idea and its potential market or niche in more appropriate words. But before that, I would want to mention, there is no shortcut way to maintain a successful SEO strategy but that does not mean there are not any out there, as long as you follow the rules and be honest with search engines, I am 100% sure search engines will respect you in return.

In this post, I will essentially jot down the main points an SEO expert would or should do if they are wanna be experts.

  1. Find your niche and perform a detailed research on your niche to find out the most appropriate keywords related to your niche. This means the keywords you will use in your website’s head section and the keywords you would use when writing content of your website and the keywords you would use when choosing a domain name if you have not bought any yet.
  2. Very important stage comes ahead when you need to find out who really is your competition. To be successful in SEO strategy, you must find out what strength your competition has in order to beat them and be ahead of them in search results (SERP).
  3. Write engaging and quality content, the more time a visitor spends on your article, page,  post or gallery, the more beneficial it is for you.
  4. Make use of your analytics report
  5. Keep maintaining your visitor engagement with the help of social networks
  6. Do not disappoint your visitors